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We Install Plush and Comfortable Carpet in Delta, BC

Gallery Flooring & More is an experienced flooring company specializing in outstanding customer service and high-quality products. We help customers throughout Delta, BC with premium carpet installation. You have many options to choose from when selecting a flooring surface. We can help. Carpet floors remain popular due to how easy they are to clean and their comfort level. We have relationships with premium suppliers and can provide our services at affordable rates, ensuring top-flight customer satisfaction. If you have chosen carpet for your remodel, get in touch with our team today. We’ll help you select a color and install the carpet ourselves.

Carpet Flooring Offers a World of Possibilities

Choosing a flooring surface is harder than you might think. All the materials we offer have outstanding benefits. Which one you choose depends on various factors, including whether you have pets, how often you want to clean, and your existing décor. Carpet offers numerous advantages, including:

Class and Sophistication

Carpets come in various styles. Whether you choose a short-pile patterned carpet or a long frieze, you can count on a better-looking room. Carpets are casual and classy – no matter which kind you choose.


There are many benefits to hardwood or laminate floors. But one of the downsides is their lack of comfort. Walking around a carpeted house will be more comfortable. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to lay on the ground and play with your pups or relax.


British Columbia’s winters are harsh and cold. Hardwood or tile floors aren’t going to provide the insulation you need. Carpet offers it in spades. Not only is it warmer to the touch, but it will reduce heat loss in your home.


Carpet floors will soften footsteps and provide isolation throughout your home. Children running downstairs won’t carry upstairs. Rooms won't echo. Most importantly, the carpet will introduce a calmer and more serene element into your home.


If you want to avoid slippery surfaces, your only option is carpet. You can choose to carpet your entire house or just high-traffic areas, such as stairs. We recommend carpets for families who have young children to prevent accidents.

cream carpet

We Offer Much More Than Carpet Installation

We have provided our brand of customer service since 2019. Our customers have come to trust us for our commitment to high-quality products and reasonable prices. We want to help make your remodeling project a success. If you need more than carpet services, you can count on our team to deliver the goods. We can complement your new carpets with recessed lighting and redo the plumbing in your home. Our team prides itself on our versatility.

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